The attorneys at Buford & Associates represent high net worth individuals, closely held companies, public companies, and foreign companies doing business in the United States in all aspects of taxation. We assist businesses on all issues, from those related to the structure of the organization all the way up to planning ways to minimize the taxes imposed by the state(s) and federal government.

Organizational Structure and Tax Planning

The attorneys at Buford & Associates are experienced in planning the structure of entities to maximize the tax benefits available to high net worth individuals and companies doing business both domestically and internationally. Our tax planning services include counsel regarding the formation of corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, mergers and acquisitions, spin-offs and both inbound and outbound international transactions and transfer pricing issues between related entities. We are well versed regarding the U.S. and international tax aspects of using different types of entities for the ownership of property and for doing business both in the U.S. and internationally.

When counseling clients, we strive to find solutions and make recommendations to clients considering the preferred entity form considering the type of business or investment involved, the liability protection needed by the client, the control the client desires to maintain over the investment or business involved, the desired tax treatment of any gains from dispositions of property or income earned, whether the client desires that the entity structure provide for separate corporate taxation of income, flow-through tax treatment, or in some cases disregarded entity treatment.

Tax Controversies

A significant portion of the tax practice of Buford & Associates involves the representation of clients with tax controversies pending before the Internal Revenue Service. These controversies may include IRS examinations of the tax returns of high net worth individuals, corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies or companies involved in international transactions, including litigation in both the United States Tax Court, and where necessary the United States District Court.