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Buford & Associates has created a division dedicated to helping wealthy individuals resolve the complex financial issues associated with a divorce. Executive divorces are unique in that they generally involve extensive physical assets, family owned or closely held businesses, and a complex array of financial assets including stocks, bonds, 401Ks, pension plans, and trusts. Our attorneys have in-depth knowledge of Texas divorce law as well as backgrounds in accounting, finance, taxation, and the business experience needed to properly resolve the unique issues involving divorce of executives who have accumulated substantial assets while preserving the integrity of our clients’ businesses and preserving the lifestyle of both partners.

Our firm strives to fairly evaluate the marital estate and work out an equitable distribution of the assets. We do not argue over minor issues. Rather, we emphasis strategic planning when dealing with the many critical financial issues inherent in a divorce of accomplished and successful executives.

If you are an executive (or the spouse of an executive) and are currently involved in or are contemplating divorce, please contact Buford & Associates. Our executive divorce attorneys can provide the legal advice and representation necessary with high net worth divorce cases.

Asset Division

Texas Divorce Property Settlement Attorneys

Buford & Associates has years of training and experience handling business, financial and tax issues. We are dedicated to helping couples with a high net worth work out the property settlement agreements in divorce quickly and equitably. If you are an executive or the spouse of an executive and are currently involved in a divorce or are contemplating divorce, please contact Buford & Associates.

Experienced Asset Division Attorneys

In many divorce cases involving large amounts of financial assets, family-owned or closely held businesses, the most complicated part is determining the value of the marital estate. This can become a complicated issue because not all property is part of the community estate.

The marital estate includes real estate, family-owned or closely held businesses, debts, trust funds, investments accounts, insurance, pensions, stocks, bonds, and 401K plans acquired during the marriage with community assets.

The attorneys at Buford & Associates handle property settlement issues for clients throughout the state of Texas.